Did you know sugar breaks down collagen and causes wrinkles?

Sugar is hidden in so many drinks and foods we eat- yet did you know that it actually ages you and causes wrinkles? Gretchen Wobensmith, licensed esthetician, skin expert and education explains in our video below.  All Beauty Drink has 0 sugar and we believe no beauty focused product should have Sugar in them, as it breaks down collagen in skin and causes wrinkles.

The skin's aging process is mainly by what we do and how we live, which includes our environment, such as exposure to sun, and what we put into our bodies such as sugar (90% vs 10% we can blame on genetics).

Did you know your skin is a "record keeper" and how you live shows up on your skin, and sugar consumption is one of the 3 aging biomarkers:

-Free radical damage

- Enzymes

-AGEs (Sugar)

Have you heard of AGEs? It stands for "advanced glycation end product" and happens when sugar molecules meet collagen- and cross link.  Cross-linking results in wrinkles.  To learn more watch Gretchen explain: